Building Energy India conducts premiere training programmes for working professionals in urban cities, where there is a need for up-skill and capacity building in the Architectural Design and Building Engineering domains.


Our two day immersive course includes hands-on training of building energy simulation software as well as a deep understanding of building science principles. It aims to inculcate a discipline of measuring sustainability in one’s building or system design method.

Corporate Trainings

We also design our training programmes to equip a team with the necessary expertise to streamline Building Performance Analysis into the design process from the outset.

Our training programmes are conducted externally or at a workplace where live projects are analysed during the training.


  • Manuals for each software component
  • Resource materials
  • Exercises

A carefully curated reading list with key literature written by industry experts, leaders and authors in the Climate Change and Building Energy sector is also included.

Key takeaways

  • Energy Modelling: Model building designs with simulated systems.
  • Optimize: Interpret analysis results for heat, light, wind, energy, water and cost.
  • Learn building science fundamentals from the molecular to the micro-climate scale- heat transfer, solar geometry & shading, climate analysis and psychrometry.
  • Designing for thermal comfort – Maximize passive and low energy design strategies.

It does not just end here. You will also get additional support following the course for any sustainability analysis related information and guidance.

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See more about our workshops here.

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