Building Energy India is working on a low-energy cooling solutions that can also come at a lower cost than conventional air-conditioners available today.

An economically viable solution ensures that ‘sustainability is too expensive’, is no more an excuse for those that realize the shift to reduce energy dependence is inevitable.

Significant savings in energy cost will propel work spaces to end their dependence on energy intensive systems and make the paradigm shift to energy efficient technology.

The Hydronic Airconditioner

The system is based on changing the approach to create cooling by pumping out heat from a space to instead draining it out of a space.

It incorporates various parmeters like size of office furniture like partitions, closed loops for heat exchange, minimal energy dependence that can be met by renewable energy produced on site, and water generation coupled with indoor plants and air quality.

The system overcomes a major roadblock in implementing hydronic systems in humid climates, and instead turns the phenomenon of condensation to its advantage, and increases its sustainability.


The system potentially reduces 66% percent of operational costs to achieve the same or higher thermal comfort standards and is projected to cost 5% less than an air conditioner sized for an equivalent space to be cooled.


The project is actively in search of financial support to complete the research and development of the technology and create an economically viable and market ready alternative to conventional air conditioning systems.


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