Energy Services

Building Energy India provides a full range of services related to building performance and system efficiency.

These include:


Daylight Analysis

Study daylight patterns for living spaces, duct sizing, courtyards, Useful Daylight Illuminance (UDI) mapping, and code compliance – NBC, ECBC, Green Buildings.

Ventilation Analysis

Natural ventilation of lived spaces, performance of ducts for target air changes per hour, leeward facing spaces and window sizing, including code compliance- NBC, ECBC, Green Buildings.

Heat Gain Analysis

Climate, building materials, design elements, equipment use and fuel consumption are analysed for 365 days of the year to give you a comprehensive understanding of your building’s performance.

Psychrometric Analysis

Study of moisture content in the air, humidity vs temperature variations, strategies to achieve thermal comfort using low energy cooling technologies and efficient building design.

 Facade Optimization

Once the building design is finalized, we conduct detailed analysis for facade elements like external fins, reflective paint, stucco, waffle shading, box windows, and many other elements to analyse the reduction in cooling loads for the building. As a team of architects, we ensure that the optimized solution is also aesthetically appealing and meets the client brief.

Solar Shading Analysis

Studies for Inter-shading between buildings, within the building, courtyards, shading devices, building projections and elements. This includes analyzing the trade-off between heat and light from the sun, and optimizing the opening sizes and shapes of shading devices.


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