NAGPUR January 2019 Sustainable Design and Energy Simulation

Building Energy India’s Director, Udeet Methala, in collaboration with IDEAS Nagpur, organised and conducted a two day immersive training on green buildings, energy modelling analysis and building science principles to inculcate sustainability architectural design process. Participants included practicing architects, faculty and students from various colleges of architecture- Institute of Design Education and Architetural Studies,  SMMCAContinue reading “NAGPUR January 2019 Sustainable Design and Energy Simulation”

Winter School on Sustainable Habitat | VNIT and Dept. of Science and Technology, Gov. of India

Udeet Methala, Director, Building Energy India was selected to train for 6 days at the winter school on Sustainable Habitat. The training was conducted from 7th to 12th of January, 2019 under the Human Capacity Building Programme of CCP-SPLICE Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. A series of such trainings are being conductedContinue reading “Winter School on Sustainable Habitat | VNIT and Dept. of Science and Technology, Gov. of India”

GreenPro certification for ‘Plumbing Fixtures’ Technical Committee Meeting

30th August, 2018 GreenPro – Green Product certification launched by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has gained momentum significantly. More than 375 products have achieved GreenPro certification and are available in the market. The demand for green products has significantly increased in the recent past due to the Indian Green Building movement which aims at achievingContinue reading “GreenPro certification for ‘Plumbing Fixtures’ Technical Committee Meeting”

The Energy Conservation Building Code Regional Consultation

13th February, 2018 Building Energy India was invited to the Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) Residential Part 1, Regional stakeholder consultation in Mumbai. The consultation included many top architects and engineers working towards making buildings energy efficient and led to very pertinent questions about the basis, objectives, statistics, validity of the findings and applicability of the proposed code. The code seems to have reachedContinue reading “The Energy Conservation Building Code Regional Consultation”

“Weather Extremes” not Climate Change

Weather Extremes are real! They told us to use “Climate Change” and not “Global Warming” a few years ago. I don’t care what you call a duck, it’s still a duck. Denialists are ostriches with their heads in the ever-heating sand.