Calicut : Traditional Residence Vertical Extension Project

At Building Energy India, we aim for oneness with nature and integration with the environmental context of the built form.

Aspects like Daylight, Wind, Shadows, Rain and views of the sunrise and sunsets help assess the design for all seasons and creates a climate responsive experience for the inhabitants.

By examining play between sun, sky, trees, soil, birds, insects and even earthworms the landscape design evolves in parallel with the building and its spaces.

We believe in creating our buildings using locally available materials to reduce carbon negative impacts that contribute to global warming, and this also reduces project costs significantly.

Our building designs aim at keeping the building passively cooled using ventilation strategies and low energy cooling methodologies up to the point that there is no need for an Air Conditioner.

We also share ideas for sustainable living with our clients and help them achieve a more sustainable and mindful way of life with the planet.

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