Who do I serve?

One of the tribes I’m imagining myself working with more deeply are home owners that are environmentally conscious and want to go back to their traditional roots by sensitively building a home close to nature . Problems they face include: Lack of expertise among architects, not knowing where to begin, “no-one else is doing it”, finding that some mainstream designers are even against the idea.

They fear that it may not be done well, and even begin to wonder if it is really possible to actualize such an eco-friendly dream home. They worry that they may not have control over the project as there is limited knowledge to go by and they need to place a large amount of trust on whomever they award the project to.

However, their desire is to find oneness with nature, respect the environment, give back to the world, be proud of and love and nurture this home deeply, passing it down long after they are gone, as a legacy.

The unique skills I bring to such projects include in-depth knowledge, expertise, analysis to quantify their contribution in carbon and energy savings. Being able to communicate with them on these issues and grow with them, in an honest and transparent way with humility.
I deeply listen and empathize with their needs to integrate values of sustainability in all the processes going beyond the building and deep into sustainability as a whole lived experience!

While they mostly reside in a city, feeling untethered from their roots, traditions and belief systems over a lifetime lived in the metropolitan cities, they are people that want to come full circle as they approach retirement and desire to build a new life close to nature while still having access to health infrastructure, their close friends from over their lifetime, support networks and their city home, from time to time.

I wish to help them in designing their balance between the city life and nature’s contentment, fulfilment, joy and peace.

Find out more about where I’m developing myself at:


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