NAGPUR January 2019 Sustainable Design and Energy Simulation

Building Energy India’s Director, Udeet Methala, in collaboration with IDEAS Nagpur, organised and conducted a two day immersive training on green buildings, energy modelling analysis and building science principles to inculcate sustainability architectural design process. Participants included practicing architects, faculty and students from various colleges of architecture- Institute of Design Education and Architetural StudiesSMMCA and  Visveswarya National Institute of Technology Nagpur.

Participant Learnings:
• Virtually model buildings and their systems applying the full range of physics taught during the course.
• Evaluate, select, use, calibrate and interpret the results of energy modeling software where applied to building and systems energy performance and cost savings.
• In detail building science principles of materials, heat transfer, solar geometry & shading, climate analysis and psychrometry.
• Create hybrid strategies for Passive design.
• propose Zero/ Low energy cooling technologies available in India.
• An overview of LEED, GRIHA, ECBC, IGBC green rating systems.
• Analysis of any 1 current project design during the workshop in a guided environment.

batch 2- 13-14 jan nagpur

The training was well received and participants were able to resolve various doubts and queries. Most of the learning in the training was new to most of the participants and helped them understand the basic scientific principles in building design, material, space use, technology and passive methods.

The training helped them understand many terms and values so that they were able to relate easily with the range of inputs required for an energy model for simulation.

The IDEAS campus was a great example in itself of many of the sustainable principles used in building design, including landscape, ventilation, courtyards and material.


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